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Why do people hate math and how to fix it!

My Perception of Math

When I was in school, I was in the Science section. This meant (or was assumed) that everyone in my class was good at math. The opposite was assumed for (most of) the students in the Art section. They hated math. Personally, I have always loved math and never understood how someone did not. Math to me was and is- Everything around us.

I think if you look at math as a book of formulas and questions, you are bound to hate it or at least be intimidated by it. Another reason I think a lot of people hate math is if a friend or senior of theirs does too. This way they never end up giving the subject a chance! I guess I was lucky, because I fell in love with the subject long before the numbers disappeared and exams started.

Math in the Real World

I think if we just see the application of math in the world around us, it would not seem so alien to us. This theory applies to all subjects.

When I was a kid, we used to have so many birthday parties to attend (wish I was that popular now), and all parties used to have a piñata with chocolates, toffees and little goodies in them. I used to be one of the eager ones waiting with my hands in the air to catch as many things as I could. I remember one time my dad stopped me and called me aside and he said, “Don’t keep your hands up, just stay on the ground. More things will fall on the ground than in your hand.” Obviously, being a total daddy’s girl, I did so and was happily surprised! Little did I know that I had just learned about gravity and applied it to my day-to-day life. Go physics!

Another example would be that sometimes, I would sit in the kitchen while the cook was making food because I used to love the smell. Once she was making some gravy and I told her to add extra water because I like more gravy and fewer vegetables (what a kid thing to say). She told me she couldn’t add the water just yet because there was still too much oil in the pan. I remember thinking, “So what? Just mix them!” She continued to say that oil and water do not mix. That surprised me and it must have been evident on my face because she went on to put some oil in a bowl and then added some water and showed me how they did not mix. I was amazed at this new thing I had learned. So, when we learned about immiscible liquids in Chemistry class, I was not taken aback by this new word, I was just proud that I already knew it!

Reality of Math and Studying

Now obviously, I am not implying that knowing some concepts would mean a person could directly ace an exam, but it would make it easier for a person to understand concepts that are more complex and not be scared of the volume of the content.

For those of you who do not like math, take a minute to think about how much math you actually use on a daily basis. Be it splitting a bill with friends, calculating study timings, navigating through traffic, playing a sport or even playing Monopoly, you are using math every single day. I know that here people will point out that this is not math they hate and that it’s trigonometry or calculus. To those people, I say that if your basics are strong (as I believe mine were) and you do not have a predisposed hatred for the subject (which I did not), then you will surely understand complex concepts (which I did).

Instead of just hating the subject, keep an open mind. Try to understand topics and solve questions.

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