Why Scorace


Scorace is simply the best system to help you score more in school and board exams!  It uses ‘Adaptive Learning’ principles, so you study what ‘you’ need.  The system keeps track of what you do and your performance while doing it.  It uses that information to give you specific things to do and study – so it is tailored to your specific needs.

But Scorace is not just a technology solution.  At the heart of Scorace are our mentors and experts who work with you to ensure results.  You will visit our mentors between 1 and 3 days a week.  She will help set up your study plan, help with any problems and monitor your progress and work out solutions.  Our experts are available at all times to answer doubts and correct papers as you do them.

We know that better marks matter.  It is the reason students study, but it goes beyond that.  Better marks help increase confidence, which in turn gets students to try harder and practice more.  And over time, this builds interest in the subject, and then mastery.

We recognize that student time is valuable, and that each student learns differently.  Some prefer short bursts, others can focus for hours at a stretch.  We organize our content as ‘micro-tasks’; each can be completed in 5-8 minutes.  These tasks are served in a sequence that is different for each student through Today’s Plan.  We have thousands of micro-tasks for each class and serve them based on performance, progress, and parameters selected by each student.

The micro-tasks are made specifically for a syllabus and an exam pattern.  For example, our videos cover every possible question type for each chapter.  They are short (usually 5-6 minutes in duration), and each video answers a specific question.  Where concepts are required, they are covered in the context of the question.  This ensures that students are neither bored, nor waste time.  Other micro-tasks are practice questions and summaries.  All micro-tasks are integrated as well.  For example, while doing a practice question, a linked video is available to help understand how to solve a related problem.

The Scorace Model


How the Scorace system works

Step 1.  Set a Goal

The first step in Scorace is to set a goal.  To set a goal, you provide

  1. The date of your next test
  2. The chapters included in the test
  3. The marks for the test

It is possible to set multiple goals, but preferable to work on one at a time.  Once a goal is set, you will always be updated on progress against the goal.

A mock test date will be automatically be set up.  This is a full test based on the chapters for the goal and closely map to board guidelines.  You should attempt the mock test with the same level of seriousness as the school / board test.

A pre-test is also available and is highly recommended.  This will be used to set initial knowledge levels and the predicted score.  The pre-test can only be attempted once per chapter.

Step 2.  Set up Today’s Plan

A plan will be configured for you.  We remember your past speed of completing micro-tasks and factor that into the number of micro-tasks that will be served to you.  You will be able to:

  • Change the duration of preparation.  The default values of the time you need to spend on a day change based on the days remaining to the test that you have set in the goal.  But you can change this to study more or less
  • Change the level of difficulty.  We use your performance in pre-tests and mock tests to determine the level of difficulty for each chapter.  Again, you can choose whether you want harder or easier questions
  • Change the learning mode.  How you study should change over time.  When you are in ‘learning’ mode, you should practice differently from when you are in revision mode which in turn is different from the final preparation phase.  You can change the mode as well
  • Change the number and sequence of chapters.  We configure the chapters for your goal based on the extent of progress and performance.  However, you may want to change the specific chapters and the order of study.

We recommend you start with the default plan.  As you become more proficient, you may want to change some of the parameters on a given day and customize your learning experience.

Step 3.  Study

There are three kinds of materials available to you

  1. Learn using Learning Videos.  There are between 12 and 20 learning videos for most chapters.  Each video solves a problem.  Together, these videos cover every unique question type that you need to be familiar with, and cover every required concept.
  2. Practice using Worksheet Questions.  Based on your knowledge of the chapter, we select between 20 and 70 questions for you from a databank of more than 200 questions for each chapter.  These questions have to be answered by you.  If you need help, the appropriate learning video for that question is available, as is the solution to the question.  You can upload your answer for future reference.  If you are still confused, select ‘Need Help’ and a tutor will contact you.
  3. Review using Summaries.  Summaries are carefully constructed to allow you to check whether you understand all the ideas in the chapter.  Every chapter has a summary.  All learning videos are linked, so if you are not sure, you can view the learning video.  The most important questions are included here as well.  This is the best way to review a chapter.

There are two ways to prepare.  

  • Use the Self Study Plan.  This gives you access to all micro-tasks organized by chapter.  Use this to view all summaries before your test.  Use this also if you want to go over all the learning videos in sequence because you are just starting out on a chapter.  In the practice section, we provide challenger questions as an option.  Use this option if you are very confident in your knowledge of the chapter and want to try out hard questions.
  • Use Today’s Plan.  The way to prepare for a chapter will change as you near your mock test or final test.  Scorace is modelled to reflect best study practices.  Based on your knowledge and time from your test, Scorace organizes your learning experience for best results.

Step 4.  Do a mock test

While you can do a mock test whenever you like, it is best to either take the test on the date suggested by Scorace, or change the date to one better suited for you, well in advance.

Taking the mock test will help us configure your plan and will help you evaluate your progress.

When appearing for a mock test, keep aside the entire time just as you would for a real test.  As you complete each question, take a picture and upload it.

Once you complete the test and submit it, you can view the correct answers.  Our expert tutors will correct your paper, mark it, and return it to you.  You will also be called to explain where you did well and not so well, and how you can improve.

Step 5.  Join a Scorace Study Circle or talk to your assigned mentor

Learning works best if you do it regularly.  While studying before exams is important so is regular practice.  So studying on a schedule with others can further enhance results.

You will be assigned a mentor who will help you with your progress.  The mentor can be available on phone or you may want to join one of our Study Circles.  A Study Circle is set up by a Mentor who is happy to provide a learning environment where you can study using Scorace, participate in select group activities, and go over your progress in person with your Mentor.

All mentors, whether on phone or in a Study Circle, are provided training and guidance by Scorace.


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