Scorace is an adaptive learning program, that provides custom practice supported by videos, summaries and mock tests.  It supplements and enhances Maths programs in schools, without increasing the burden on teachers.

Since it is an adaptive system, each student gets a program personalized for them.  The Scorace program has demonstrated better Maths comprehension and performance in middle school students.

How the Scorace Adaptive Learning Program works

Scorace runs on the school network and is accessible to students at home.

Students identify chapters to study along with their teachers.  These are set up as ‘Goals’.  Students are assigned computer time to work on their Goals.  As each student works on the system, Scorace tracks their progress and their performance.  It then uses adaptive algorithms to provide each student with specific materials to study – either as practice questions, or videos.  There are regular quizzes to ensure that learning is consolidated.

Since each student is provided with their own ID and password, they are able to use the same program at home as well.

Scorace is available for CBSE Maths, Classes 6 to 10.

Benefits for the School

There are three significant advantages for a school where students use Scorace to study

  1. Personalized support for students.  The Scorace approach provides support for all students, the average students, those who are exceptionally bright or those who need additional support.  Since Scorace worksheets are personalized for each student based on their performance, it automatically gives more challenging questions to advanced students (at the chapter level) and gradually increases the level of difficulty for students who may find some concepts challenging.
  2. Homework support for teachers.  Scorace configures ‘mock tests’ which are based on goals.  Teachers can use this feature to provide homework to students.  Since Scorace manually grades these mock tests using the board format, it saves time for teachers.  Additionally, if the teacher wishes to provide the same homework to students who do not use Scorace, they can generate a pdf of the paper and give it to the others.
  3. Custom reports for teachers and schools.  Scorace provides extensive analytics and reports.  These are available to teachers who get a snapshot on how well the class understands a specific topic

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