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The Opportunity

To help students get better marks, working out of your own home for just a few hours every week.

What is Scorace

Scorace is a blended program that replaces tuitions; providing more reliable results compared to regular tuitions.  And if that was not enough, Scorace also reduces the time students have to spend to score more.

It is presently available for Maths, Classes 6 to 10, CBSE.  We will be continually expanding the range of available programs to add more subjects, classes and boards.

Why Scorace is better than tuitions

In higher classes, students (and their parents) are very concerned about performance in exams.  And in a subject like Mathematics, it is not enough to understand concepts.  It is certainly the first step, but must be followed up with practice

Today students go through many books and worksheets as they prepare.  Many have private tutors and many also use online resources.  But most are not regular and almost all do not practice properly.  Proper practice changes as you master a subject and also changes as you near a test or exam.  The best tutors know this as they get more experience, and guide their students appropriately.

Scorace distills this experience into an algorithm using principles of adaptive learning.  Scorace provides students with a daily plan which serves practice questions and learning videos based on what a student knows and how far they are from a test or exam.  Every practice question has a video hint and solution.  For students needing additional support, we have experts who will call back and help.

But as in all technology solutions, while we can do many things, we must also ensure that a student is regular and motivated to study.  The role of the mentor is to guide the student and help them formulate their goals and prepare properly for tests.

The Scorace system reduces the time that the student and mentor needs to spend to get the best results.  This increases efficiency, while reducing cost for the student and getting better marks.

How does the Scorace technology work?

Scorace uses algorithms to configure personalized worksheets for each student.  This is how students experience the system


The Scorace students make goals with the help of their mentors.

Scorace then uses goal information to identify practice that a student should do.  This is continually refined based on student activity and performance.  Practice is supported by learning videos that solve common questions that a student may be asked.

A student may also choose to do a mock test.  Each test is physically corrected by an expert and feedback provided to the student.

The Scorace Mentor Program

The Scorace Mentor program will provide you with the skills to guide students and to interpret their performance and activities, so that you in turn can help these students learn and perform to their potential.

You will need to:

  • Find students in your neighbourhood who need help with Maths (Classes 6 to 10, CBSE)
  • Have a place in your residence (or centre) with chairs and tables for them to work, along with a wifi connection – 1 session per week of upto 2 hours each
  • Have access to an android phone or a PC
  • Review their progress and Mentor them following Scorace guidelines

Benefits for Mentors

Unlike a typical tutor, mentors do not have to be experts in Maths or Science though some working knowledge is useful.  Benefits for mentors are

  1. Starting at a very few hours a week. You can be a mentor spending as little as an hour a week.  This means that you do not need to disrupt your schedule
  2. Among the best returns for your time. Revenue per hour of your time is among the highest in the industry.
  3. Making a significant difference in the lives of your students. Impact of doing well in Mathematics increases overall students confidence, and sets them up better for life.

Student Fees and other terms

Student fees change based on the location of your residence.  Fees are payable quarterly in advance.

Students must have access to an android phone / tablet when they come for their contact time with you, and an android phone / tablet / personal computer at home with access to the internet.

The contact times every week can be decided by you at times suitable to you and your students.

Becoming a Scorace Mentor

Step 1.  Register for the program

  • Fill up the form provided at
  • We will be in touch to explain the system and answer your questions, and discuss your suitability for being a mentor.
  • If you are suitable, we will invite you to join the program within a week

Step 2.  Training

  • Our training will cover mentorship, the Scorace pedagogy and systems and processes you need to follow
  • The training is of 3 modules of 1 hour each, followed by a number of simulations on phone.

Step 3.  Start with the program

  • Find students in your neighbourhood who may be interested in the program
  • Our advisors will be available to answer any questions that these students (or their parents) may have.

We will continue to provide support both to you and your students.

If interested, fill up this form and someone from our team will contact you soon.

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