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The idea of Scorace has been in the works for many years now.  Our approach and model has evolved based on the learning from organizations in India and around the world.  We want to improve the level of knowledge of Mathematics and Science.  But even more, we want students to become increasingly competent in these subjects.

We recognize that every student is different.  And this difference can be in their learning style, their family background, the language of study, their economic status, their past performance, the quality of teachers, schools, friends, pretty much everything impacts a student’s ability to learn.

We recognize the value of a student’s time.  There is so much to do.  School, activities, tuitions, friends, internet, everything takes time.  There is a natural tendency to put off studying till the very end.  In fact, we have observed that possibly the biggest role of tuitions is to ensure that students study regularly.

And finally, we recognize that better marks matter.  A student getting better marks than before, usually feels a surge of confidence.  They receive positive feedback from parents, teachers even friends.

The Scorace solution rests on these ideas.  Advances in deep learning (a field of machine learning, within Artificial Intelligence), allow us to analyze data, understand how each person learns, and serve content appropriately.  We have broken learning into small bites (micro-tasks), even our videos are mostly under 5 minutes, so that students do not waste any time.  And we have provided for tutors when needed, and mentors as well.

When we set out to define our Vision, we realized that while we want to change the world, we want to do it by remaining focused on one thing only – helping students do better by studying properly.  And that is our measure of success.

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