Scorace is a personalized and goal-based learning system, that provides custom practice supported by videos, summaries and mock tests.

Scorace seeks to enhance student performance given the environment of limited time and regular tests and exams.  In a subject like Mathematics, practice is most important.  Scorace addresses this in two key ways

The first is by providing the right practice questions at the right time. We use student performance to select appropriate questions – for example if a student is weak in a chapter, we provide a large number of practice questions; served easy to difficult.  If on the other hand, the student is already a master, they will receive fewer but harder practice questions.

The other parameter is timing.  The order of questions and other micro-tasks change as the student nears the class exam or test.  For example the day before the test, a student will see the summary of a chapter, followed by representative questions from each chapter, while earlier, the student will see a video followed by practice of similar questionsHelp as needed. Each practice question has three levels of support.  The first is a hint; in the form of a similar question solved as a video.  The second is the solution itself.  If the student is still not clear, the final option is to ask for help from an expert.

Scorace is available for CBSE Maths, Classes 9 and 10.  We will release Scorace for Maths and Science, for additional classes and additional boards shortly.

Benefits for the School

There are three significant advantages for a school where students use Scorace to study

  1. Personalized support for students.  The Scorace approach provides support for students who are either exceptionally bright or need additional support.  Since Scorace worksheets are personalized for each student based on their performance, it automatically gives more challenging questions to advanced students (at the chapter level) and gradually increases the level of difficulty for students who may find some concepts challenging.
  2. Support for teachers.  Scorace configures ‘mock tests’ which are based on goals.  Teachers can use this feature to provide homework to students.  Since Scorace manually grades these mock tests using the board format, it saves time for teachers.  Additionally, if the teacher wishes to provide the same homework to students who do not use Scorace, they can generate a pdf of the paper and give it to the others.  Scorace will also send a report to the teacher identifying the concepts where students need more clarity
  3. Student discounts.  Students from schools participating in the Scorace program receive significant reduction in cost.

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